And They Lived Happily Ever After…

​Congratulations to our newly engaged and newly married clients! Learn all about AKT’s role in the wedding festivities.

Megan Kohler: I’m using AKT to get in great shape for my wedding in September, but I know I will be a lifelong member as the program is the total package. The workouts are fun and challenging at the same time.


Tyler Bracken: AKT has not only sculpted my body for the big day, it has prepared me for the dance floor!


Lindsi Lane: Since starting AKT a year ago, I have seen transitions in the body that I have never seen before at other fitness studios. I know I’ll be able to look my best with AKT by my side because of the trainers’ personalities behind their good moves! They’ll motivate me not only to physically push harder, but to mentally push myself that much harder to achieve the wedding bod of my dreams!


​Amy Pompea: AKT is going to keep me motivated to work out and help me look the best on my wedding day, from every single angle…

Kelly Skura: Thank you to Sasha and AKT for helping me to feel extra confident when I put on my wedding gown this Saturday!

KS Shower

Kartini Wilson


Emmy Rossum

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 4.45.53 PM

Megan Kennedy

Megan Kennedy


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