AKT Senior Trainer Sasha’s Favorite Spots to Beat the Heat in NYC

My favorite NYC summer spots:

sasha image 1.jpg

1. Pressed Juicery for a FREEZE! They freeze their juices and make a “froyo” type of treat out of it. But get this (drum roll please) – it’s healthy! And super duper delicious! It’s a must-try if you’re in the city on a hot summer day. Above you can see that I got their matcha freeze with coconut shavings on top!

Sasha image 2.jpg

2. If it’s a hot day in the city, I want to get inside, chill out, and see a Broadway show. Come From Away is an ABSOLUTE must see! It’s the best “new musical” that I have seen in years. It’s absolutely mesmerizing and is like a giant hug around your heart. Grab some friends and family and go see it. I was lucky enough to be able to see it with the AKT family and we had a blast!

sasha image 3.jpg

3. I also love the little Australian-owned coffee shop Bluestone Lane in the West Village. (There are a bunch all over the city.) It’s perfect for trying innovative and DELISH lattes with friends! Above you can see one of my favorites: the beet and almond milk latte. You can also get them iced if that’s more your thing. Also a huge plus: they have the most yummy avocado toast!

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