AKTrainer, Ryan’s, Favorite Summer Spots

​1. Mary’s Marvelous


The sun is out and the iced coffee is flowing!  It’s great to be out of the city and surrounded by trees and a sea breeze.  One of my favorite spots for some delicious iced coffee is Mary’s Marvelous.  They have a location two doors down from our AKT East Hampton Studio and they offer basically anything you could ever want: from fresh, made-to-order smoothies to “treat-yo-self” pastries to bangin’ iced coffee (just a bit of almond milk, no sugar… believe me, it’s the way to go).  Oh, and yeah, I’ll be by the pool if you need me!

2.  B YOGA, Montauk


If ever asked if I add anything to my AKT program, I only say yoga! Solid yoga practice creates length, opens your chakras, and gives you an opportunity to dive inside and get deep with yourself.  B Yoga in Montauk is my favorite studio out East.  Every teacher is a seasoned professional and offers a beautiful perspective on yoga. 

3. Sunsets, EVERYwhere


Yes, sunsets happen everyday, but there is something truly magical about sunsets in the summer, especially when enjoyed from fantastic views.  Three of my favorite places to catch the suns setting rays are the Sag Harbor bay (top photo), Montauket (middle photo), and the Wölffer Estate Wine Stand in Sagaponack (bottom photo).  I have never met a sunset that I didn’t like!

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