Friends that Sweat Together, Stay Together

Friends that sweat together, stay together. Sounds corny right? But at AKT, this quote rings true. From trainers to clients to staff members, the relationships that are forged within our studios’ walls are extremely unique and special. Don’t believe us? Read for yourself.

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Tara Pepe: I can’t say enough about all of these ladies. One class has turned into so many friendships. Since I started at AKT nearly four years ago, I have had nothing but AMAZING workouts and trainers. In addition to my NYC studio friends, I have also made lasting connections on AKT retreats. The AKT community is one-of-a-kind and so are my lifelong friendships.

Dominique Ashley: My journey with AKT began with the launch of Anna’s Happy Hour DVD.  I live in California, so this video was my only opportunity to give her workouts a try.  I had little hope and very low expectations of myself. Would I actually work out at home and get the results that I had always wanted?  I was giving up my old gym routine, which consisted of two-hour-long workout sessions, draining commutes, a pricey membership, and, more importantly, isolation.  I knew that the bonds and friendships that naturally evolve from spending countless hours in the gym are just as important as doing the workout.  I left that gym disappointed and jaded.

That being said: When one door closes, another one opens…  That metaphor couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to my experience with AKT.  Not only do I have access to a fitness program that yields unbelievable results, but I found a group of friends that support and encourage each other in and out of the gym.  I started with the home workouts. Then I went from the DVD to AKT On Demand. And the support that I received through Facebook and Instagram has lead to lifelong friendships.

I began to participate in AKT Retreats.  That is where the magic happened.  I met Anna Kaiser and, again, my expectations were so far from the truth.  She is exactly what you see, hear or read about, plus so much more.  She cares deeply about her clients and considers them her AKTfamily.  She gives 150% to everything that she does and, by doing so, she inspires me daily to push a little harder and to be a better version of myself.

It’s challenging to put into words my appreciation for my AKT friendships.  They range from trainers to clients, who live all over the world.  A few of us share our fitness journeys through email, Instagram or Facebook. But most of us have grown closer through phone conversations, workout dates and even vacations.  I have developed lifelong friendships and continue to meet inspiring people every step of the way.  These bonds have fulfilled me and made my life truly rich.

Cheers to my friends…  I love you.        

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Jana Simon: I met Jamie four years ago when she would intimate me with crazy core exercises and high knees during 6am class. Over four years, I have come to understand that Jamie is not only an amazing trainer but also a funny, genuine, driven, compassionate friend who can rock sweats better than anyone I know. I came for the a$$ kick, left with a sister (and an a$$ kick). You my boi blue!

Abigail Baratta: I have made so many new friends and strengthened existing friendships at AKT. The endorphin high after class and the sense of having accomplished something during class creates such a fun, bonding atmosphere. I also consider some of the trainers true friends. I have always felt that the ‘special sauce’ at AKT is the friendly and encouraging vibe, which starts with Anna and which all the trainers also have. It’s what keeps me coming back and scheduling the rest of my life around AKT. Xoxo

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Kelly Sullivan: I found AKT through a decade long friendship with Master AKTrainer Emily Mara. Emily and I met while attending the University of Central Florida, where we had been cast in a play together. (We were both studying acting and musical theater.) We became fast friends and then roommates. We lived together in many different cities and, when I relocated to NYC, I found myself living with her again in Astoria. Then, when AKT opened their NoMad studio, Emily introduced me to the company.

I was thrilled to join the AKTeam and be part of such a vibrant community of strong women. I clicked almost instantly with the trainers, staff and clients. I can honestly say that I’ve forged many lifelong friendships during my time at AKT, which is a huge part of why I love working here! From Happy Hours (both in studio and out ), BBQs and pool parties, to rose-ing all day, I always have a good time with the AKTeam and clients.

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Tyler Bracken: AKT has grown to become my second family. As the elevator doors open, I can immediately feel the love and warmth that exude throughout the studio. The friendly smiles of both clients and staff is what keeps me coming back for more every single day (as well as the workout!). I couldn’t be more grateful for the friendships that have danced their way into my life, including Anna’s, who recently stood beside me on my wedding day!!  


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