AKT On Demand is Ranked as One of the 7 Best Fitness Apps

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While you could dwindle hours (days?) scrolling through Instagram and YouTube looking for workout inspiration, there’s something to be said about getting straight to the point with a fitness app that targets your specific wellness goals. With hundreds of options flooding the Apple Store, it can be hard to separate out the most effective ones. While you’re likely familiar with trailblazers like MyFitnessPal, workout apps are increasingly veering away from simply tracking your progress (via workout logs and stats) and generic coaching to ever-changing workouts one can do no matter how much — or little — time they may have. It’s never easy to push yourself through a brutal morning or after-work workout, but a good workout app can be a lifesaver. Here’s a look at seven of the best fitness apps, ranked.
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6. AKT On Demand

Cost: Free three-day trial, then $34.99/month

Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser’s app curates workouts from her various studios, which you can stream from anywhere. You can also interact directly with Kaiser and her trainers by commenting on the videos. There are dozens of videos ranging from 10 to 90 minutes (beginner and advanced workouts). When you sign up, you’ll also get a live 15-minute trainer consult.

Start your free 3-day trial today!

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