How Shakira Is Prepping for Her ‘El Dorado’ World Tour

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Shakira is a force to be reckoned with when she’s on stage—the powerhouse singer moves non-stop during her concerts—prepping for her upcoming El Dorado World Tour requires a lot of work. Enter her longtime trainer, Anna Kaiser. “I train her at a low impact, sustained cardio level to up her endurance and stamina,” says Kaiser. “We also train with high intensity intervals to boost recovery time for those moments when she goes crazy on stage, then has to recover and keep singing!” Kaiser gave us a few insider secrets about how she trains Shakira that you can use the next time you need a little bit of an endurance boost (or the next time you embark on a multi-city world tour, if that’s your thing).

Play around with your heart rate

You don’t need a heart rate monitor or anything to do this— just keep some variation in the type of workouts you do. Shakira does two days a week of interval work on the treadmill using Kaiser’s AKTread system, dance-based interval training three days a week, and then two sessions per week of low-impact sustained cardio, like walking or swimming. “In the interval training workouts, the focus is spiking her heart rate and recovering quickly, and in the low-impact sustained, the focus is [keeping] her heart rate [steady] for a long period of time,” explains Kaiser. Both help you build stamina and boost energy!

Double it up sometimes

As you may have noticed, the schedule Kaiser outlined doesn’t leave any room for a rest day. But that’s actually not how Kaiser structures Shakira’s training weeks: “Two or three times a week we do two workouts a day, which I never do with other clients,” she says. This leaves room for an off day (gotta do tech rehearsals some time!) while still sticking to the plan. Doubled-up days include the one higher impact and one lower impact activity. “I don’t let her skip workouts. We have a very specific goal in mind with heart rate and caloric burn to get her endurance and stamina ready for tour and to get her body at peak performance shape.”

The clock is your friend

A treadmill minute can feel insanely long, but don’t be afraid to encourage yourself by using a countdown. Kaiser uses this trick with Shakira all the time. “I give a very specific amount of time she is reaching for in short bursts,” says Kaiser. “It motivates her!”

Don’t forget to stretch!

Yes, it takes extra time at the end and, yes, it can be difficult to remind yourself to do it. Even for Shakira! “It used to be hard to get her to stretch, but now keeping her body safe and injury free is her first priority,” says Kaiser. “She is very diligent about her warm up and cool downs.”

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