A New Kind of Fitness Retreat for New Year’s Fitness Goals

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.16.36 AM

Many people make resolutions to exercise more and follow a healthy diet at the beginning of a new year, but sticking to those goals is easier said than done.

This year, however, several new fitness-focused retreats in photogenic destinations could help give travelers the motivation they need for lasting success. Deprivation isn’t the point of these getaways: instead of calorie-restricted diets and hours of punishing workouts, these options emphasize balance, a sense of place and most importantly, pleasure. In fact, at most, imbibing isn’t off-limits — it is even encouraged.

AKT Retreats, for women only, is another choice. Anna Kaiser, a certified personal trainer and the owner of the New York City workout studios AKT, created four 2018 trips with the purpose of teaching participants how to develop lifelong healthy habits in a fun setting. One retreat, in Nicaragua from May 6 to 11, for example, will have a schedule of morning workouts that includes interval classes, volcano hikes and kayaking in the Pacific Ocean. Afternoons feature cooking classes on Nicaraguan cuisine and sightseeing tours. Meals will highlight local ingredients. Prices start at $3,200 a person, inclusive of accommodations, meals, workouts, excursions, local transportation and one spa treatment. Book online at aktmotion.com.

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