How to Love Your Body In Your Wedding Dress

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.14.53 AM

When it comes to her dress, every bride dreams of “the perfect fit”—and being perfectly fit the day she wears it. But feeling your best when you slip that thing on actually has little to do with your outfit or physique; it’s about mind-set.

While you’re dress shopping, consider also shopping for a new workout—something that you actually enjoy. You are way too busy right now to spend any spare time doing something you dread. “It shouldn’t just be about getting a great body,” says Anna Kaiser (@theannakaiser), mastermind behind the AKT program, with studios in the New York area, L.A., and Connecticut. “It should be about taking time away from stressful wedding planning to do something you love. Exercise is a kind of therapy.” As Stanley puts it: “It seems like getting married is all about anticipation of the future, but the best fitness practices allow you to really cherish what’s going on right then.”

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