Kelly Ripa Swears By This Abs Exercise From Anna Kaiser for a Full-Body Burn

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 2.59.34 PM

When celeb trainer Anna Kaiser says there’s *one* abs exercise that Kelly Ripa “loves to hate,” that’s your cue to throw on your leggings and give it a try. In an Instagram video last week, the AKT in Motion founder, whose client list includes other buzzy names like Karlie Kloss, Alicia Keys, and Shakira, demoed a move called stability ball abs curls, which, despite its targeted name, actually tones your entire body.

You can think of this move as a high-stakes remix of the classic plank pose. In this case, not only do you have to stabilize your core to keep your feet from slipping off the ball, but you also have a push-up and a quasi-horizontal tuck jump to contend with. “When you decrease the base of support, you’re asking more muscles to engage to perform the exercise,” Kaiser told Self about mastering the tricky yet effective core crusher.

Once you’ve assumed the modified plank position with the stability ball supporting your shins, quickly check in with your form to make sure your arms are shoulder-width apart. Then press your shins into the ball, tuck your knees toward your chest, and lift that booty in the air. “The goal is to press into the ball with your shins and try to lift your hips over your shoulders, and not just roll the ball in toward you,” Kaiser explained to Self. Finally, return to plank position and bend your elbows to a 45 degree angle for a push-up, then straighten your arms. Kaisers recommends you complete three rounds of 10 reps.

After you’ve accomplished 30 reps of this tough and effective move, you’ll totally be able to commiserate with Ripa about loving to hate it.



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