The Weight Loss Motivation That Helped These 2 People Lose Weight

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.13.08 PM

Sometimes all that scrolling and scrolling can actually pay off. Here’s a look at the inspiring stories of Instagram followers who, with the help of wellness pros, shed major pounds.

Cristina Gordon lost 35 pounds

Inspiration: Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT in Motion

“I follow Anna Kaiser and AKT in Motion on Instagram, and she always does Insta-stories about how she stayed fit, which helps me stay motivated. I started taking AKT classes leading up to my wedding when my weight was at an all-time high. I had to go dress shopping when I didn’t feel good about my body or health. After doing AKT and following the social media accounts, for a few months, I will never forget the way I felt at my last dress fitting. I felt so proud because I worked so hard and lost 35 pounds! The social media accounts helped me realize that, even though I was busy, if Anna can find time to workout, I can too.” – Cristina Gordon, 28

Nicole Mirabile lost 24 pounds

Inspiration: Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT in Motion

“I love following Anna on Instagram—she’s such an inspiring person! It’s so fun to see what she is up to on a daily basis. She often posts motivating videos to her Instagram stories of her sweat sessions. It’s a constant reminder to get my butt moving. I also did her 8-week AKTransformation program, which I have continued to stick with. Anna, the AKT staff, and the AKT community have really helped me stay motivated.” – Nicole Mirabile, 27

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