The Best of AKTSummer

View this post on Instagram Happy Summer, Its not over yet! Throwback to last weekend with @theannakaiser at surfside salutations in Montauk. #AKTSummer #challenge #surfside #montauk #hamptons A post shared by The AKT (@theaktstudios) on Aug 31, 2015 at 3:03pm PDT View this post on Instagram Post workout fueled by #Texas! #chilaquiles with chicken and sunny side up eggs! A delicious morning at @ritzcarlton #dallas! #food #morning #fitness #workout #ritzcarlton #aktsummer #akt #aktinmotion #travel #trainer #trainerlife @aktinmotion A post shared by Jonathan (@jonathantylicki) on Aug 28, 2015 at 6:17am PDT View this post on Instagram You can throw in the … Continue reading The Best of AKTSummer

DAY 2: AKTour WITH Shakira

Nothing gets the body moving first thing in the morning like black coffee and AKTread!! ( I think we had too much fun with this;) Post workout, we experimented in the kitchen and created our new fav healthy POWER breakfast!! (Crowd pleaser over here! We made enough for the whole house!) Blueberry Protein Pancakes w/ Strawberry Compote Pancakes 1/2 cup blueberries 1/2 medium banana (optional) 1/2 cup oats 1 scoop Previnex Vegan Protein Powder 3 egg whites 3 tbsp milk or water 1 tsp baking powder Grind the oats in the blender until you create a fine flour. Add everything … Continue reading DAY 2: AKTour WITH Shakira

Barcelona with Shakira Day1

I arrived in Barcelona at 7:24am.  Luckily, I had enough time for a quick nap before heading over to start our FIRST workout of the day.  That’s right.  I said #1 😉   We started the day with coffee and our favorite dance-based interval workout, focusing on a full body burnout with more focus on Upper Body.  Shakira LOVES working her arms to exhaustion!! Then… lunch! Within 45min after the workout, we eat a delicious lunch full of protein, veggies, and healthy fats to keep her armed and ready for the rest of the day. I’m BACK!! SECOND workout of the … Continue reading Barcelona with Shakira Day1